We’ve tried to answer all the usual questions below, but if there’s anything you want to know that’s not answered, please email us.

Joining the club

Do I need to be a member to shoot with the club?
Yes, you do. You can be either a full member or pay for an affiliate membership with Rugby Archers. Find out more about our membership fees here.

How do I become a member of the club?
Information about joining us can be found here.

Do you have a minimum age restriction to shoot at the club?
Our minimum age is 9, but we reserve the right to change this at any time. Children need to be strong enough to pull a low-poundage beginner’s bow and have the ability to concentrate and focus. Archery can be dangerous, especially if people aren’t following the rules, so we also reserve the right to ask anyone – senior or junior – to leave if we feel they’re endangering others.

Beginners’ courses

Do I have to complete a beginner’s course if I am experienced archer?
Yes, you do. You don’t have to complete it with Rugby Archers but you do have to have completed a course at an Archery GB registered club. The course doesn’t just teach shooting technique, it also teaches safety and etiquette. Completing a course with us will allow you to work out if we’re the right club for you and for us to work out if you’re right for the club. If you’ve completed a beginner’s course at another club recently, we’ll require proof before you join us – a certificate or a completion email will be fine.

I want to book a course but am not sure if I my child will be able to pull a bow. What do I do?
Drop the Chair an email and he will work out a time for you and your child to come down to the club and have a go with one of our beginner’s bows. Please do not book a beginner’s course if you have any doubt as the places are non-refundable.


Do I have to have my own equipment?
For the beginners’ courses you don’t need to have any equipment as we’ll provide it. When you become a member, you are expected to have at least the basic equipment. The club has a very small amount of equipment we can lend out (though we are looking at increasing this in the future). Details of what we have available are are available in the Club Area or by emailing the Equipment Officer.

What are my options if I cannot afford my own equipment?
As above, the club has a small amount of equipment to lend, and a number of members will have spare equipment you can borrow, but this is likely to be quite limited. Stylist Bows in Rugby do offer a weekly/monthly bow rental option that members find helpful, but if this is not feasible for you, please speak to the Chair who will advise you of options.


What are your safeguarding policies?
You can view our policies here.

How do I make a safeguarding complaint?
You report a safeguarding incident here.

How do I check the DBS status of the coaches and instructors?
Please email the Safeguarding Officer and they will provide you with copies of the DBS certificates for the individuals concerned. Please note we do not publish them publicly as they contain Personal Identifiable Information.